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Edible Pearls . . .

You will need the following:

  • Ready made Fondant
  • Wilton Tips: 6,8,10,12
  • Ateco Tips: 804,805,806,807,808,809
  • Crystallized Pearl colors

Roll out fondant 1/8th inch thick.   Cut out fondant with one of the tip bottoms for however many you want for cake tiers or cookies.  They will all be the same size.  Roll fondant into balls and let dry overnight. 

Use Crystallized Pearl(any shade) to dust them.  Just put them into a Ziploc bag with Crystallized Pearl and shake.   To attach to your cake or cookies use a little bit of royal icing.

Pearl Makers:
BR 128, BR 129, BR 130

Press rolled fondant, candy clay, gum paste into mold, trim off excess, and unmold.

Dust with Crystallized Pearl colors.