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Crystallized Pearl Color | Gold | U.S. Certified Powder Food Coloring

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Crystallized Pearl Colors have shimmer. These colors are made with either a silver shimmer or gold shimmer. This color has a gold shimmer!

All Crystallized Pearl Colors are a U.S. certified food color.

Sold by the jar, each jar weighing 0.5 ounces gross. All color is packaged by gross weight (which includes the weight of the container), not by volume. Larger quantities are available, prices may very. Contact us for these type of special orders.

*Please note: colors shown are approximate and may have a slight difference than the actual color product.

Crystallized Pearl Color Uses:

  • Dusting on gumpaste flowers.
  • Mix with vodka or lemon extract to paint on fondant or chocolate.
  • Mix with corn syrup to color icing / buttercream.
  • Mix the color directly into white chocolate.
  • Knead into fondant.
  • Mix with any dry food ingredient to color cake batters, icings and more.
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